Checklist Self Employed Income Form

    To assist in the preparation of your Personal Income Tax Return, please complete this form and attach all supporting documentation.

    Name Year
    Address Telephone
    GST Number Email
    Main Product or Service % of Ownership

    Self - Employment Income & Expenses

    Total Revenue GST Net
    Business income earned
    Total Costs GST Net
    Purchases during the year (raw materials)
    Meals and entertainment
    Bad debts (receivables that became uncollectable)
    Insurance (non-vehicle)
    Interest & bank charges
    Business tax, licenses, & memberships
    Office expenses
    Legal & accounting fees
    Management fees
    Business rent (exclude home-office rent)
    Maintenance and repairs (non-vehicle)
    Wages and benefits (including CPP, EI, WCB)
    Property taxes (exclude home-office)
    Business travel & accommodations
    Cellphone & business telephone
    Delivery, freight and courier
    Private health premiums
    Other expenses
    Computer / laptop
    New automobile

    Use of Personal Vehicle to Earn Business Income

    Vehicle description (year, make, model)
    Vehicle - Owned Vehicle - Leased
    Purchase price Date lease starts Date
    Date of purchase lease ends
    Current value vehicle Manufacturer's list price
    Percentage of vehicle used to earn income

    Kms driven to earn income / Total kms driven in the year
    Total Costs 100% GST Net
    Auto: Fuel
    Auto: Interest on vehicle financing
    Auto: Insurance
    Auto: License and registration
    Auto: Maintenance and repairs (Air Care)
    Auto: Lease payments
    Auto: Other (specify)
    Auto: Business parking
    Auto: Supplementary business insurance

    Did you sell or trade-in your vehicle during the year?

    If your vehicle was leased, purchased or sold in the year, please provide all documents.

    NOTE: 1) For vehicle travel to be a deductible expense, the C.R.A requires that you maintain a mileage log recording your mileage for business purposes (be sure to keep a record of the odometer reading of your vehicle at the start and end of the year).

    2) C.R.A. considers travel to and from your home and normal place of work to be personal travel .

    Use of Home-Office to Earn Business Income

    Total Costs 100% GST Net
    Heat (Gas)
    Electricity (BC Hydro)
    Maintenance & repairs
    Mortgage interest
    Property taxes
    Strata fees
    Water / Sewage / Garbage collection
    Other (specify)