Taxes and Tax Planning

We pledge to help you in minimizing your taxes in lawful ways. Your hard earned money should otherwise be channelized towards fruitful investments. Harkirat Singh Khangura CPA, is highly experienced and skilled to prepare flawless tax returns for you.

Our personal tax services give you:

  • Tax saving
  • Solve your personal tax related problems
  • Protection from CRA
  • Timely and accurate filin of taxes
  • Personal Tax Return
  • Issues CRA tax statement issues

Tax planning is one of the most important of CPA Brampton services. Based on your financial goals, personal tax history and business situation, we develop a personalized tax plan to maximize your tax savings today and over the long run.


– When you first join CPA Brampton, we collect your prior year tax returns and any corporate returns if your business is incorporated.
– CPA Brampton uses this data to create a profile for you that includes your tax information.
– CPA Brampton will look over your profile and initiate the basis of your long-term tax plan.
– CPA Brampton will assess your business structure and make recommendations to maximize your tax savings.
– With the information collected from the discussion, CPA Brampton starts preparing a tax strategy.
– Throughout the year, we create and file amends, update our database and use our proprietary software to ensure your tax strategy is optimized for your situation.

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